Thursday, 17 March 2016

Why customer forgets you?

Transactional SMS

There is a saying "Out of sight is out of mind". This is applicable for all the business in the world. Todays customers mind set has changed a lot while making a decision to purchase any product which they might have purchased it from you before but now they are not buying from you again, simply the reason is that they have forgotten you. You never tried to keep any contact with your existing customers in past.

How do we keep in touch with our customer?

Greet them on every festivals, on their anniversary, on their birthday. Let them know that they are special for you, bring them the thinking that once upon a time they have done a business with you. Transactional SMS, SMS Gateway does all these works on your behalf when you are busy dealing with your business. These SMS Gateway can be integrated to your CRM tool, Accounting software, Websites and many more using an API coding.

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