Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Why OTP is important for verification?

OTP (One time password) is being used widely for all online marketers to filter fake cell phone numbers entered by end users. Whenever there is an option to enter the mobile number or email add OTP is very much required there since this is service which will help you filter the right set of numbers for your business so that you do not waste time in reaching out the wrong set of people.

OTP is basically a random numbers which gets generated by your server and using the Transactional SMS the number can be sent to any given mobile number. Suppose I would like to register my self on a website and they need me to enter my cell phone number and after entering my number I will receive a code (Number) which I will have to enter on that website. and later it verify the number which I have enter does match with the number which was generated by their server. This all happens in fractions of seconds.

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